Hello and welcome. Here at Sierra pride cattery    

 We riese  Savannahs, Bengals & Bunnies       

 In the beautiful California Sierra Mountains. Each feline here has its own room. They are lovingly given,  nourishment, affection and exercise. Every day one of the cats goes on a walk around the mountain side. We raise rabbits as their main food source. We also sell the rabbits locally as pets. The other food we feed them is royal cann. Our animals are incredibly socialized and given loads of freedom. You can see  this from our videos and photos. Our cattery is registered with TICA and so are the breeding stock. The felines have a  50 foot long animal

run exercise wheel and the rooms that live in.               

           I am Kris Thomas Blichfeldt caretaker ,companion, friend, and slave to all the animals.

I owned a gallery in Carmel California where I showed my arts ,photography ,sculptures ,paintings.  In 2017  we moved to the Sierra Mountains and built an animal ranch, we call it the (Singing Savannah Ranch).now I sell my artwork online.  Hopefully we will find good homes for the babies that we raise here                 

I've always loved exotic animals, and had them in my life since a young man.  had my first Bengal as a pet in 1995. And 10 years later adopted another bangle to keep him company. And now' Raising animals to breed for all to love, as we love them.  

                                          Watching these animals come into being is also a form of artistic creation, God's creation.! These animals are "Living Art".

I hope you will enjoy, and get involved with this marvelous endeavor by donating, adopting, purchasing,, some two dimensional art or the living Art- cats  and rabbits.         On this site you will also see some of the artwork that describes my passion and devotion to these glorious beasts.I will be blogging constantly for your entertainment. If you want to see even more art visit my online gallery at blichfeldtgallery.com please help with your support , purchases, donations, adoptions. Thank you.

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