No    Available kittens  .

               5  Bengals. born  sep. 17. 2019.  all have new homes

          Jewelly our sbt Bengal has 5 kittens  all sold. We call them the Milkins,     . The photos of them are right here. And a video of her 5 kittens  are under the section videos. Entitled the Milkins.

.              Best way to reach us, is call.  831 277 4119. No text.                                       exquisite feline kittens will come to you completely healthy. No fleas ticks ear mites or  diseases only soft ,loving ,playful companions, in  perfect health.                                                        We're raising cats for you as pets.                                                And will not be giving breeding rights  



    Paddycakes our  F5  SBT Savannah had a litter of 4. 2 boys two girls.  We call them the Dorsables                       Born 8. 4. 2019  daddy is kaleidoscope a  F7 SBT. They are being played with a couple of hours a day and love people. They are very friendly and healthy.  Watch a playful video under our video sections of this website the video is entitled the doorsables

.      There is 1  kitten left from this litter. You will see their prices by their individual photos. They will come to you in perfect health.  We selling them as pets only, we don't give breeding rights.

Vanna the Savannah. Has a new litter of 4  kittens we call    them The cuties. 3 are sold . 1 girl still Available . She is A gold, named cristal.Born on nov.11.2019                Their prices vary for each one. see cost and name of cats when you click on each of their photos. To reserve your kitten .Contact us, choose your cats, leave a deposit of 500 $ 

                                         As always our cats come to you in perfect health.           We will test for all common disease or defects upon your request, before purchase. The health and condition of the kittens must satisfy you ,or your money back and the cat comes back to us. There is a video to watch  titled the Cuties. in the video section of this website. 831 277 4119

Happy to say Jewly's may litter 2019 all found their homes thank you very much people. enjoy.

Vanna the savannah  had her litter of two girls two weeks before this Christmas 2018. happy to say both kittens have found their homes. but enjoy the photos

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