artisticly enanced photography

                     The artwork you see here is a combination of a photos that I took, then enhanced                  using special techniques, that I've discover over many years of practice and study,                     Using Photoshop and other programs .  Sometimes the end result looks a lot like an acrylic                       painting. You might call it, a photographic rendering. Or fine art photography. what i like                         is all the real life detail from nature, and a well composed photograph ,with imaginative                                          impressions from the artist.  Sometimes I call them "Phaintings"                                           When you own one of these pieces of photographic art, it will come to you                               signed & numbered. All the artwork that I have for sale are additions of 80. having a gallery                  for a few years, in down town Carmel, many of the prints were  purchased, But there is                                   still much for all.   PS, all the feline photography is new. for it is my                                                                                  most recent passion, obsession.     1/1/2019.

          For ordering information and prices go back to the category (Art) Scroll to the                   bottom and prices are their.  Or contact us here at the site and someone will get back                               to you.  Thanks for your interest.                                                                              Also prices and  information are all on our main gallery 

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