8 x 12=30.00        12 x 16=90.00      16 x 24=300.00   20 x 30=460.00   24 x 36=600.00    30 x 45=780.00   40 x 60=1060.00                             prints on metal        or canvas        add 20% of price.   for shipping and          handling

Hello I'm Kris Blichfeldt on this page I'll be showing my photographic alterations sometimes called digital art, fantasy photography, graphic compositions, obviously it's all altered photography. As a painter  who doesn't paint much any more. I naw use photos that I've taken, I then blend and alter images to create a composition. Adding digital pigment instead of actual paint,and a endless Siri of tools and programs like Photoshop,,that can help me make a digital painting. The work that goes into these sometimes takes me just as long as if I painted it with the actual pigment and brush. So as a painter I naw prefer this way to express myself on paper canvas and screen . On this page I'm also showing images of the two different galleries that I had in down town Carmel I closed my gallery on Lincoln Street 2017 and the other gallery I had was closed in 2016  that was on San Carlo Street. And now I've built an animal ranch in the Sierra Mountains and I'm happy to live with these wonderful creatures creating and sharreing that part of expressive art with all the people all the time .So enjoy the on line gallery, and of course I hope you find something you'd like to purchase.    It would be my pleasure to get you what you want. Just tell me what i have to do to get you into one       of these fine automobiles today! ,wink wink nudge nudge say no moor .thanks for reading                                                here is a full price list of the Prints that you can order.                                                                           Prints will be on  geecle paper ,using archival ink ,full pigment.                                 Your choices are matt finish ,luster, gloss,or matalic paper .-canvis and we can do metal to.                        professionals we use our- Bay photo lab , and Coastal geecle printing.      

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