The fine art of animal photography in their luscious background 

                          These photographs were taken for all                                                 who appreciate the phenomenal beauty of these exotic animals. An exotic highbred cat with a gorgeous Sierra mountain background,              or a luscious little kitten whom expresses the highest                                                                           levels of cuteness.                                                              An image of such natural beauty invokes such wonderful feelings in us             as humans. Having an animal counterpart, even if it's just an                    image on the wall can help bind us with nature and see that we're                                      not the only Center of the world   

You may order these digital photographs knowing they are very fine quality.     taken with the cannon 5d mark 2 camera. The photos can be enlarged to            80 inch x 60 inch  without image blur or digital degradation. Of course any           size you would like.  We will have it printed and or framed for you, by either             Bay photo Lab or Coastal geclee printing. These are                                                                the professionals that we work with.                                                                  Contact us here and we will go over the details with you.                               The image you want. The size you want, whether you want it framed.                 Kris will work directly with you and he's very easy to get along with.                           

Prices for all photographic prints are -  8 x 12 =30.00$.  12 x 16=90.00$                                                                16 x 24=300.00$   20 x 30=460.00$.   24 x 36=580.00$.                                   For more details on prices and ordering . look under the (Art) category on this site.

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