Our rabbits are the cats meow

                            We raise two kinds of rabbits here.    For sale.

 Giant chinchilla rabbits. These our one of the largest rabbits in the world. They are incredibly docile, friendly, easy to fall in love with you. And about the softest furrrr' in the rabbit kingdom. We register them with their pedigree.

                  And our other rabbit is a cross between a California and New Zealand.         They make great pets. These are a medium size rabbit and like all pet rabbits they quickly learn to keep their living space clean.

                 Rabbits are naturally a very clean animal constantly grooming themselves ,and like to use there a litter box.      If you give them lots of things to      chew on you could help control there interest in chewing on your electrical cords                           and furniture, they love to chew chew chew.

          Prices for the rabbits very. The giant chinchilla rabbit with its pedigree. we charge $100-$175. Depending on size and beauty.                                                       The CaliZealand cross, we charge $20 for the young and $50 for a full grown bunny.                                                                                                            The rabbits we sell locally only, so please come to us and add                                                   a bunny to your life.

Giant chinchilla rabbit. Doe
happy the (doe)
dusty bottoms the (buck)
2 mo. old giant chin.
Three day new giant chinchilla kits
New Zealand (buck)
The Californian (doe)
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