The studs- Klydoscope  the Savannah and Maverick the Bengal

Klydoscope aka klyd. Savannah f7 sbt
klyd 6.
klyd 5.
klyd 2.
klyd 3.
Maverick The Bengal -Stud.
mav 4
mav 2
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        The three Queens of our cattery

Vanna The Savannah f4 sbt.- Queen
Vanna 2
angel & vanna 2.
Vanna 12 weeks
Patticakes  f5 Savannah _Queen
patty 8.
patty 6.
Jewelly. bengal. sbt.
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     As a small cattery we get to have our breeding stock as pets and companion animals. That way their offspring will be much more domesticated ,Each adult has their own room and they get to take turns coming into the main house and going outside in the cat runs, there are two outside areas for them to play in.  I'm sure raising breeding stock in a cage is fine for some people but we won't  have it.            I was very careful in choosing the male and female Bengals as well as the three Savannahs.  purchasing them from cattery's from different states. Looking into where  their parents where from.   So that there would be no in-line breeding, no chance of that .              Are cats are always up-to-date on their vaccinations and periodically vet. checked to ensure that                         they are free of any diseases. and as healthy as can be.                                                                                     being a small cattery , I'm sure it's easier to keep them healthy from                                common  diseases, and addressing any health issues that may come up .                               They are our family not just an income.    Feeding  them raw and cooked Rabbit is very healthy. They seem to love it.   So between their incredible diet ,consistent health inspections, exercise, and-loving interaction with humans I know these parents will make the      best possible kittens for you.         To see larger photos click or double click on each image.

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